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Orgasmic! A Girls Guide To Achieving Female Orgasm

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'Orgasmic! A Girls Guide to Achieving Female Orgasm' is the perfect educational tool for women who have either never or rarely have experienced the intense feelings associated with having an orgasm. From foreplay, to masturbation, to sex toys, to sexual positions, 'Orgasmic! A Girls Guide to Achieving Female Orgasm', covers those topics plus plenty more! Jammed packed with the information you need in order to reach that climactic point each and every time you have sex, with or without someone! Author Amy Sinn will have you ready to achieve orgasm before you finish reading the final chapter!

Male Homosexual Behaviour And The Effects Of Aids Education

RRP $256.99

Since the AIDS epidemic was recognized, information on safer sex has been assumed to be the most crucial means of preventing further spread of the disease. But how well has AIDS education worked? What kinds of education work best and for whom? This study is the first to provide an in-depth analysis of the results of AIDS education programs and to explore the psychosocial factors that affect behavioral responses to education. B. R. Simon Rosser provides a detailed profile of a specific population at risk, including factors such as sexual behavior, psychology, religious affiliation, legal status, and discrimination. Using comparative measures of behavior, personality, social status, attitudes, and risk-taking, he identifies important differences between homosexual men who engage in safer sex and those who do not. Finally, he evaluates the impact of different approaches to AIDS education. Examining both positive and negative effects, Rosser shows that the spread of the HIV virus was actually accelerated by a national education campaign utilizing fear, and contrasts this result with four international gay-sensitive education campaigns that produced positive changes in behavior and lifestyle. He discusses ways in which AIDS education must develop in order to become more effective, together with crucial changes that are needed in both the gay population and the larger community if HIV transmission is to be halted. This study is a valuable resource for education and research in AIDS prevention, sexual behavior, psychovenereology, education, health, and related disciplines.

Handbook Of Counseling Boys And Adolescent Males

RRP $382.99

'I found this a stimulating and readable book that was full of practical ideas. Some of the chapters may be of special interest to readers working in America, but I would expect the book to be of value to anyone wanting to give consideration to boys' and mens' issues in mental health, community and educational settings' - Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry This comprehensive, practical resource provides specific strategies for counsellors working with boys and male adolescents from different cultural backgrounds. The first part examines how psychological, career and athletic development of boys is shaped by a complex interaction of biological, social, cultural and economic forces. TheSecond Part covers cultural considerations when counselling particular North American client groups, such as Hispanic-Americans. The final part focuses on special populations such as gay, sexually abused and developmentally disabled boys.

Susie Bright's Sexual Reality

RRP $28.55

Discusses politics, erotics, and the human sexual condition, with the premise that human fantasies and fears, especially the sexual ones, are more real than the real forces we have reckoned with historically.

How To Grow Up Young, Black And Male In America

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