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Reproductive Health Law Survey

RRP $288.99

In reproductive health (RH), commonlaw is instructive with respect to which arguments have not been advanced. RH law is a broader concept than the abortion rights, contraceptive access, procreative liberty, freedom of sexual expression, or patenting an invention. Featuring 62 multiple-choice questions at varying levels of difficulty, as well as 12 essay questions to give you practice issue-spotting and analyzing the law, this book covers various conflicts and tests in RH: constitutional law (freedom of expression, abortion rights, fetal viability, gender equality, advance directives, standing, constitutionality of several statutes), criminal law (indictment or arrest of a pregnant woman, maternal-fetal conflicts, fetal custody), contracts (arrangements under the Stark law, business associations, surrogacy contract), and intellectual property (patenting a matter of natural origin, trademarks and unfair competition, infringement, dilution, cybersquatting, and tarnishment disputes). The Law of Torts and the Law of the Patient Care (in the context of RH) are left for the upcoming serial. However, the current effort also covers malpractice suits.

Sex Health, Better Sex And Sex Positions

RRP $16.99

A complete guide to sexual health. Learn to have better sex in the bedroom with over 100 tips and notes. See all the sex positions you can try to make your love life even better. You have Erectile Dysfunction? don't worry all the secrets and tips of getting a hard on is in here. There's also a list of herbs and natural foods you can take to better your performance in the bedroom. If you're a female who can't get in the mood, well here's a list of things you can do to get genitals up and going. Also learn about all the common STDs that's caused by unsafe sex. And much much more.

Wise Parent, Healthy Child

RRP $233.99

Today's headlines about the actions of twenty-first-century children tell us that they are in distress. Unusual behaviors surface as disobedience, failure to learn, anxiety about socializing, excessive excitability, and inability to follow directions. What can parents do? In this guide, Dr. Maria R. Burgio reminds parents that while many behavior problems are part of growing up, they must distinguish between normal behaviors and those that require help. She explains how children normally develop from infancy through adolescence and provides worksheets for tracking behaviors and identifying problems outside the normal range. Dr. Burgio also identifies the special challenges of parenting twenty-first-century children, discussing topics such as sexual activity and substance abuse in children and adolescents, as well as how social media can effect social development. As a twenty-first-century parent, you must get the information you need, for a wise parent is the key to a healthy child.

Sexuality Education

RRP $356.99

Originally published in 1989. This book provides a comprehensive guide to a wide range of sexuality education programs in the US and resources. The framework is based upon the recognition that the home, the church, the school, and the community have complementary roles to play in this important area of education. This book describes a variety of ways to plan and implement sexuality education and provides in-depth information on resources available.

Each contributor describes one aspect of the practice of sexuality education: its goals, theory, planning and development, implementation, evaluation, teacher-training, or the role of community agencies. Articles in each section offer practical and useful guidelines for conducting sexuality education and also serve as a sound introduction to the subject. Annotated bibliographies appear at the end of each section.

Investigating Adolescent Health Communication

RRP $383.99

A comprehensive corpus analysis of adolescent health communication is long overdue - and this book provides it. We know comparatively little about the language adolescents use to articulate their health concerns, and discourse analysis of their choices can shed light on their attitudes towards and beliefs about health and illness.

This book interrogates a two million word corpus of messages posted by adolescents to an online health forum. It adopts a mixed method corpus approach to health communication, combining both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Analysis in this way gives voice to an age group whose subjective experiences of illness have often been marginalized or simply overlooked in favour of the concerns of older populations.


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