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Criminal Behavior

RRP $389.99

A comprehensive psychological approach to criminal and antisocial behavior.

Building on a tradition of excellence, Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approachis accurate, well-researched, contemporary, and comprehensive. It offers a detailed look at crime, what may lead to it, and how criminal behavior may be prevented - all from a psychological perspective. With a focus on serious crimes, particularly those involving violence, this text offers an all-inclusive look at a very complex field through effective and engaging material that has been classroom-tested for more than thirty years.


Now in the Eleventh Edition, you'll find crucial updates relating to crime definitions and DSM-5 categories, as well as the most current statistics and recently proposed models and theories. Numerous topics - such as intimate partner violence, juvenile sex offending, terrorist recruitment, elderly abuse, and sexual burglary - now receive more extensive coverage than ever before.

Leaders In Animal Behavior

RRP $441.99

Animal behaviour, as a discipline, has undergone several key transitions over the last 25 years, growing in both depth and breadth. Key advances have been made in behavioural ecology and socio-biology, in the development of studies integrating proximate and ultimate causation, in the integration of laboratory and field work, and in advances in theoretical work in areas such as sexual selection, foraging and life-history traits. Thus it is appropriate to relate the individual stories of those who have had significant impacts on the field as we know it today. Leaders in Animal Behaviour: The Second Generation is a collection of autobiographies from 21 individuals that have been peer selected, and have provided unique and important contributions to the field in the past 25 years.

Deviant Behavior

RRP $45.00

"Using the framework of interest group conflict, this text combines a balanced, comprehensive overview of the field of deviance with first-hand expertise in the workings of the criminal justice system. ""Deviant Behavior, Seventh Edition, " surveys a wide range of topics, from explanations regarding crime and criminal behavior, measurement of crime, violent crime and organizational deviance, to sexual behavior, mental health, and substance abuse. This new edition continues its tradition of applying time-tested, sociological theory to developing social concepts and emerging issues.

Treating Children With Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems

RRP $396.99

Treating Children with Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems: Guidelines for Child and Parent Intervention is a unique, pioneering venture in the area of sexual abuse. Unlike most books on sexual abuse, which focus on children as victims, this integrated treatment approach suggests ways to develop parallel treatment strategies for both parents and children who display harmful sexual behavior.In many ways a first in its field, Treating Children with Sexually Abusvie Behavior Problems gives you the tools to orchestrate your own treatment and intervention techniques, specifically for those children under age 12 who display sexually harmful or unlawful behavior. You'll find in this useful volume a one-of-a-kind approach to linking together individual, group, and family treatment into one integrated, comprehensive program that treats both perpetrator and victim in tandem. Effective applied techniques are presented to teach:
accountability of the offending party
concern for others/empathy
social competence
the establishment of appropriate boundaries
healthy sexuality
coping with prior trauma
safety and supervisionTreating Children with Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems is intended for professionals in child sexual abuse; graduate and undergraduate students in psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, and psychiatry; juvenile court workers; child welfare case workers; teachers; attorneys; and judges. It will also serve to better inform the victim, family, and general public. If you're concerned about the spread of sexually abusive behavior in children, you'll want to become informed and armed with the practical and useful guidelines found in this innovative approach to a prevalent social problem.

Search Engines, Link Analysis, And User's Web Behavior

RRP $40.95

WEB MINING Link Analysis Search Engines User s Web Behavior HITS Algorithm Fuzzy Cognitive Map Radial Basis Function PageRank Algorithm Interior Point Method Fuzzy Bags Rgeression Models Rough Sets Information Theory Thisbookpresentsaspeci?cand uni?ed approach framework to three- jor components: Search Engines Performance, Link Analysis, and User s Web Behavior. TheexplosivegrowthandthewidespreadaccessibilityoftheWWW has led to a surge of research activity in the area of information retrieval on VI Preface the WWW. The three aspects of web mining follow the taxonomy of the above diagram: Link Analysis, Search engines, and User s web behavior are considered in the unifying approach. The book is organized in three sections as follows: 1. In section I of the book (chapters 2 4) we study Link Analysis within the hubs and authorities framework. Link Analysis is the science of hyperlink structures ranking, which are used to determine the relative authority of a Web page and produce improved algorithms for the ranking of Web search results. We use the HITS Algorithm developed by Kleinberg and we propose to study HITS in a 2-D new space: In-degree and Out Degree variables. After we categorize each web page into a speci?c toplogy we study the impact of each web topology on HITS in the new 2-D space. We describe why HITS does not fare well in almost all the di?erent topologies of web graphs. We also describe the PageRank Algorithm in this new 2-D space."


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