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Submissive Mistress Stories

RRP $13.99

The second volume of Submissive Women combines another three of Charlotte Edwards' popular stories in one collection. TURNING THE TABLES Emma, the ever submissive mistress is to entertain another couple this evening in her Master's dungeon. But things don't quite go as expected. MY SUBMISSIVE ENTERTAINS Emma was completely submissive to her married Master. Always ready to expand her experience, tonight he takes her to a lap dancing club and watches her entertain both the patrons and the other entertainers. REPOSSESSING THE MISTRESS Emma thought she could manage without her married Master. Besides, she needed to get on with her life and her biological clock was ticking. Realising she was wrong and desperately needed Him, she invited Him for a chat in a hotel room. He came to repossess her with his bag of tricks and his wife! Extract: 'Still holding Charlotte firmly by the neck, I strip off her jacket and firmly fasten the cuffs to her wrists. Dragging her to where a rope hangs waiting from a pulley in the centre of the room, I fasten the clip at the end to a convenient ring between the cuffs and haul her up on to her tip toes. The moment I take my hand from her throat, she begins to struggle and protest that this wasn't what she wanted, threatening me with all sorts of reprisals and ordering her husband to stop me. Tying off the rope, I move to stand in front of her to watch her futile struggling. Her lithe body is now stretched out as tightly as a bowstring and she can't do much but sway from side to side; even that is rapidly tiring her out. Her mouth is still active though, now spewing obscenities at a rapid rate. 'Thwack!' I slap her once across the cheek. Her mouth immediately falls silent and her big eyes fill with tears. I admire her splendid body. Her breasts are displayed at their finest, her succulent nipples pointing toward the ceiling. She is a rare beauty, her flame red hair frames the face of a china doll and her upper body appears to have no fat on it at all. Unzipping her skirt, I let it drop around her feet and gently caress her little pussy.' These are explicit erotic tales which will appear to both sexes and as you might expect, have detailed descriptions of many sexual activities, including bondage, whipping and double penetration. If that sort of stuff offends you, please do not read it!

Transformation Of A Pastor's Mistress

RRP $27.50

SURVIVING "P.M.S." THE "PASTOR'S MISTRESS STRONGHOLD" Having suffered through many major and minor surgeries, lived through an emotionally-abusive relationship as a mistress for 15 years (P.M.S.), endured sexual harassment violations in the workplace, experienced racial discrimination professionally, and filed multiple bankruptcies, KAREN D. REID is definitely a survivor. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Memphis State University and a Master of Arts Degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University. Chronicled in the leading, biographical reference publisher of the highest achievers and contributors from across the country and around the world, Ms. Reid is recognized for Professional and Civic Achievement in the 2001 Edition of the International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs and listed in the 2005 and 2006 Marquis Who's Who in America. Additionally, her profile is acknowledged in the Marquis Who's Who in the World, for the 2006 Diamond Edition and also the 2007 Edition. Finally, she is listed in the 2007 Edition of Who's Who of American Women and also the 9th Edition of Who's Who in Science and Engineering. God-employed as a full-time author and ministry gift to the Body of Christ, Ms. Reid is an eight-year employee of a major airline, where she was the recipient of the 1st Annual Recognition Award - Employee of the Year, for professionalism in Customer Service. While pursuing additional writing ventures, with anticipation of establishing The Twin Ministries-Share Resort and a multi-ministry Empowerment and Conference Center, she serves locally as a Ghost Writer, Media and Editorial Specialist, and Ministry Consultant. Having found her forte as a committed author and entrepreneur, she has a definite passion for traveling. Will Ms. Reid base her existence around the fact that she ends up homeless, motherless, companionless, and physically fruitless, or will death be the final exam that births her into a new dimension? The Transformation of a Pastor's Mistress is the sum total of a working project in progress - life after death. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it dies, it bringeth forth much fruit" (John 12:24). A survivor at first, Ms. Reid becomes "more than a conqueror."

Surrender To The Mistress

RRP $23.99

Mark, Alice, Peter, and Jay are each of them very different submissives. But they share the same compulsive need - the same yearning - to submit completely to a powerful dominatrix.

Mark is a closet masochist. He struggles to rebuild his shattered life when his wife leaves him, but everything changes when she discovers her own sadistic self.

Alice is beautiful, sexy and full of na ve charm. Mistress Gale wants her as her slave and what Mistress Gale wants she always gets.

Peter is a sex addict. He is held captive by an Amazonian dominatrix who takes him to the heart of submissive desires he never knew he had.

Jay craves a life of total submission to his sadistic partner Kate. He despairs of ever achieving this until a dramatic turn of events finally brings his dream within reach.

Mark, Alice, Peter, and Jay - four very different submissives with one overwhelming compulsion: to Surrender to the Mistress.

About the Author

Alex Jordaine is the UK's leading Femdom author and is also a regular contributor to 'Marquis', the most read fetish magazine in the world. In his highly acclaimed 'Mistress' series of books, all of them published by Xcite Books, powerful women are firmly in charge. They control the pleasure and men are there to serve and obey them. All the books in this ongoing series have been published as both paperbacks and e-books.

Sex Trafficking

RRP $305.99

The trafficking of persons has frequently been described as a "modern" or "Twenty-First Century" form of slavery. According to the Department of State, the U.S. government considers trafficking in persons to include all of the criminal conduct involved in forced labor and sex trafficking. Under the TVPA, trafficking in persons does not require actual movement of the victim. It is the many forms of enslavement that lay at the heart of human trafficking. Individuals may be trafficking victims regardless of whether they once consented, participated in a crime as a direct result of being trafficked, were transported in the exploitative situation, or were simply born into a state of servitude. This book discusses the gender-based civil right violations and provides proposals from the 114th Congress to amend the criminal laws of sex trafficking.

Stress Free From Rainy Day Syndrome

RRP $19.06


"An enjoyable and easy read, I read it at just the right time in my life - Right before John and I went on our backpacking trip in Canada, which turned out to be the most rugged and challenging hiking I've ever done. I kept thinking about your book and it helped me to see that the difficult parts of the trail were challenges to be met and overcome. Your book is an inspiring and empowering journey to help us take control of our responses to life's lovely chaos and challenges so that we can seize the day!" --Linda Gaveske, RN

"Saign's newest book on ending stress, achieving happiness and restoring calm in all situations is a practical and playful guide that skillfully teaches self-awareness. Simple tips and carefully crafted exercises help readers curb negativity and cultivate positivity in their lives. It is a quick read that has the potential to transform your life! I highly recommend it for adults of all ages."--Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, RN, FAAN Director, Center for Spirituality and Healing (CSH), University of Minnesota

"I was riding my bike the day after finishing Stress Free from Rainy Day Syndrome and noticed I was focused on peddling with all my energy. Suddenly, I could hear Geoff's voice, "Is this what you really want?" My goal was to enjoy a beautiful morning on my bike, not arrive somewhere in a hurry. I slowed down and began to allow myself to be aware. I stopped to let a pedestrian cross the street. I thanked some folks on the sidewalk protesting for social justice. I enjoyed the beauty of flowers planted on the boulevards. In short, I practiced kindness toward myself, which led me to connect to the world around me and to others. Geoff's hard-earned insights into cultivating self-compassion, human decency and mercy is a much needed message to us all." --Helen Wells O'Brien, M.Ed., M.Div. Board Certified Chaplain in a children's hospital

"A practical guide to finding the positives in life, sharing that with others, and strategies to make your rainy days have a bit more sunshine. Such a great reminder of how many things can be so simple. And beautiful." --Megan Ramirez, DO Obstetrician Gynecologist

"Geoff Saign reminds me that taking myself too seriously can spoil potentially fun activities, upset the balance of power between nations, and ultimately doom all life on planet Earth. That's an exaggeration, of course; one of several fun exercises in his new book designed to reframe your point of view and clear the mind for intentional decision-making and productive communication." --Ken Epstein, PhD, researcher & inventor with 35 years of experience working in corporate America

"Simple, straightforward, fun, and easy-to-read--I wish I would have had this book decades ago! A unique and practical way to reduce stress and increase happiness, without stressing over it!" --Dennis J. Grubich, MSSW, LICSW, former Senior Mental Health Therapist, Wilder Foundation

"Mr. Saign's encouraging, no nonsense, G-rated voice shines through this quick read. An amusing, practical guide to cognitive restructuring. Simple tools to change your brain and be more engaged in living!" --Cori M. Hildebrandt, MA LPC, Mediator, Meditator, and Psychotherapist

..".Mr. Saign writes with a compassionate tone and understanding...He beautifully paces education with pragmatic exercises which guides the reader in making anxiety an ally once again."--Joseph E.


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