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Life After Dark

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Nightclubs and music venues are often the source of a lifetime's music taste, best friends and vivid memories. They can define a town, a city or a generation, and breed scenes and bands that change music history. In Life After DarkDave Haslam reveals and celebrates a definitive history of significant venues and great nights out. Writing with passion and authority, he takes us from vice-ridden Victorian dance halls to acid house and beyond; through the jazz decades of luxurious ballrooms to mods in basement dives and the venues that nurtured the Beatles, the Stones, Northern Soul and the Sex Pistols; from psychedelic light shows to high street discos; from the Roxy to the Hacienda; from the Krays to the Slits; and from reggae sound systems to rave nights in Stoke.

In a journey to dozens of towns and cities, taking in hundreds of unforgettable stories on the way, Haslam explores the sleaziness, the changing fashions, the moral panics and the cultural and commercial history of nightlife. He interviews clubbers and venue owners, as well as DJs and musicians; he meets one of the gangsters who nearly destroyed Manchester's nightlife and discusses Goth clubs in Leeds with David Peace.

About the Author

Dave Haslam is a writer, broadcaster and DJ who played the Hacienda in Manchester through the late 1980s and has since appeared worldwide. He's written three books, including 'Manchester England' - a cultural biography of Manchester which was declared one of the ten books that best represent England (alongside works by Jeremy Paxman, Zadie Smith, and George Monbiot). His journalism has appeared in NME, The Times, The Guardian, The London Review of Books, and The New Statesman.

My Life With A Borderline

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Yvette was charming, sexy and smart. She was also a doctor. And she wanted him. Could this be 'too good to be true'? How could he have been so lucky to find her? What he didn't know at the time they met was that she was probably a 'high-functioning Borderline', someone exceptionally intelligent, alluring and amorous, yet self-destructive and damaging; not just to him, but to herself. As a result of their first meeting, his two-year relationship with Yvette would literally take him to the edge of insanity, and back again. And it would only be through the painful, gruelling process of self-discovery that he would find the inner strength to finally release himself from the madness and mayhem that characterised his 'Borderline' relationship. This personal journey eventually led him to find the reasons why he had been attracted to Yvette in the first place, reasons that would literally be life-changing. This is his story... Kelleher's explicit and honest autobiographical memoir of his two-year relationship with someone whom he suspected was suffering from 'Borderline Personality Disorder' is both harrowing, and enlightening. It details the story of how Kelleher succumbed to Yvette's 'Borderline charms', primarily through a lack of his own self-awareness, and tells the story of their subsequent relationship. It also details his traumatic experience in trying to leave this relationship, required in the end to safeguard his own sanity. But beyond his story, Kelleher tells the account of how his relationship with Yvette awoke fundamental realisations about his own character, and about why he chose to remain in such a dysfunctional relationship for so long. In essence, it is a story about self-discovery and about how Kelleher's relationship with someone possessing 'Borderline' characteristics was ultimately responsible for leading him to discover a deep and profound understanding of the very person he really was, rather than the person he 'thought' he was before meeting Yvette. This book will appeal primarily to 'Non-BPD's', either people who are currently in relationships with partners and loved-ones who may be suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and/or those who may have chosen to leave such a relationship in the recent past. The book takes a balanced view, and recognises and acknowledges the reasons why 'non's' may choose to stay in such dysfunctional relationships. It is ultimately a book about self-discovery, and personal recovery from the trauma experienced by a 'non' by being in a 'Borderline' relationship. It may also be of interest to those suffering from BPD, or those who suspect that they might be. It is an honest, heart-felt account about the chaos experienced by a 'non-BPD' within a 'Borderline' relationship, which also fully acknowledges the 'non's' contribution to the ongoing dysfunction within such a destructive relationship.

The Expanding Family Life Cycle

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Updated, expanded, and more comprehensive than ever, this new Fifth Edition a classic family therapy resource,The Expanded Family Life Cycle, gives readers a solid understanding of human development and the life cycle. Featured are a groundbreaking integration of individual development within a systemic context discussion of the increasing racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity across the life cycle in the United States today; life cycle perspectives on LGBT issues, alcohol, sexuality, migration, social class, violence in the family, and assessment of "home place" as fundamental to clinical work. This edition moves from society's general orientation of nuclear families to consider a more diverse and inclusive definition of society's rapidly changing family patterns, one that considers, among other things, that the life cycle time frame itself has been expanding as people live longer and the patterns of coupling and child rearing continue to change. Also explored are the impact of issues at multiple levels of the human system and the individual, family households, extended family, community, cultural group, and the larger society. Included are new chapters on sexuality over the life curse, mental health as well as physical health in life cycle perspective, and friendship through the life cycle. The Enhanced Pearson eText features embedded self-check assessments.


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Sex; A Quickie Perspective

RRP $13.99

This book looks at the concept of sex and how it can happen for couples in a short period of time. I understand the importance of lovemaking and how couples need to have those times of intimacy that occur between appointments. This book is filled with ideas on how to move along in the sex process and keep the quality.

Life And Death Of John Of Barneveld, Advocate Of Holland

RRP $13.99

John Lothrop Motley was a 19th century American diplomat and writer who wrote at length about historical topics and reviews of others' writings, from the Civil War era to reviews of Honore de Balzac's fiction.


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