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A Lifetime On Clouds

RRP $12.95

Introduced by Andy Griffiths.

Adrian Sherd is a teenage boy in Melbourne of the 1950s—the last years before television and the family car changed suburbia forever.

Earnest and isolated, tormented by his hormones and his religious devotion, Adrian dreams of elaborate orgies with American film stars, and of marrying his sweetheart and fathering eleven children by her. He even dreams a history of the world as a chronicle of sexual frustration.

A Lifetime on Clouds is funny, honest and sweetly told: a less ribald, Catholic Australian Portnoy's Complaint.

About the Author

Gerald Murnane was born in Coburg, a northern suburb of Melbourne, in 1939. He spent some of his childhood in country Victoria before returning to Melbourne in 1949 where he lived for the next sixty years. He has left Victoria only a handful of times and has never been on an aeroplane. In 1957 Murnane began training for the Catholic priesthood but soon abandoned this in favour of becoming a primary-school teacher. He also taught at the Apprentice Jockeys' School run by the Victoria Racing Club. In 1969 he graduated in arts from Melbourne University. He worked in education for a number of years and later became a teacher of creative writing. In 1966 Murnane married Catherine Lancaster. They had three sons. His first novel, Tamarisk Row, was published in 1974, and was followed by eight other works of fiction. His most recent book is A History of Books. He has also published a collection of essays, Invisible Yet Enduring Lilacs (2005). In 1999 Gerald Murnane won the Patrick White Award. In 2009 he won the Melbourne Prize for Literature. In the same year, after the death of his wife, Murnane moved to Goroke in the north-west of Victoria.

Real Life Tragic Women's Memoir.

RRP $18.99

Tragic true life stories autobiography of the physical abuse suffered at the hands of a alcohol induced abusive husband. She lived in fear of his physical and sexual abuse, and often wandered the streets late at night, sometimes barely dressed, and in the early hours to escape his clutches in fear for her life. He used mental abuse and rape in the relationship to control her everyday life, causing much stress and depression and suicidal thoughts. In the early seventies there was no such thing as a 'Women's refuge' (a safe house), for battered women, and victims of violence, committed by violent men, and the police treated any complaints as a simple 'Domestic' dispute instead of domestic abuse, the abusive partner was either given a good talking to or at worse a night in the cells to calm down. When the children came along things went from bad to worse, and when she finally broke free from control abuse, he harassed her when he would come to her house in the early hours drunk and abusive. Tragic life stories of a woman who eventually found peace from domestic violence, breaking free from an abusive relationship takes courage and strength. The chance finally came when through another abuse of power against an elderly lady he was given a prison sentence for violent physical abuse. Real life stories of a bad marriage in a very difficult relationship, letting go, and finding yourself in new beginnings after a complicated relationship by abusive men. It includes memories of following later relationships some good and some bad from her twenties to the present day and her accomplishments and experiences along the way.

The Medieval Life Of King Alfred The Great

RRP $195.95

Very few King's earn the appellation 'Great'. Alfred is the only English King honoured with this name and is credited with various successes (the foundation of a navy, English education system and religious revival). His memory looms large in the English Imagination. The medieval 'Life' of King Alfred of Wessex purports to be written by Asser, a monk in the King's service. This account of one of England's best loved and most famous kings has been accepted as offering evidence on most aspects of life in early medieval England and beyond. It was used in Victorian times to create a 'Cult' of Alfred. Alfred Smyth offers a carefully annotated translation of the 'Life' together with a long commentary. He argues that the 'Life' is a forgery which has profound implications not only for our understanding of the early English and medieval past but also for the nature of biography and history. This close scholarly rendering of the text allows the reader access to the intricacies of medieval history.

Studies In Human Sexuality

RRP $366.99

The best and/or most informative nonfiction books in the English language on the subject of human sexuality are described in this comprehensive bibliography for professionals, scholars, students, and laypeople. The 1,091 informative abstracts, including nearly 500 titles new to this edition, range in length from 100 to 600 words and have been written from an impartial viewpoint to facilitate the reader's choice of materials, regardless of political or moral stance. Virtually all current, pressing sexual issues are represented-abortion, AIDS, child sex abuse, incest, rape, sexual harassment, homosexuality, pornography, prostitution, and so forth. Annotations on selected books have been arranged according to a revised version of the unique classification scheme introduced in the first edition. Systematic two-fold access to the contents of the guide is provided by a detailed table of contents and by author, title, and subject indexes. Focus of this edition is on books published since 1970, with new ma

Life, Love, Laughter

RRP $0.00

A book written out of despair, hurt and inner turmoil. God allowed my healing to come through pen and paper.Filled of passion, pain, romance and true Godly love. You will not be able to put it down.... Open the pages and start a witness of him..My journey in life with God.


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