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Sex From Plato To Paglia

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Sexuality has captured our imagination since antiquity. Its passion and mysteries have inspired numerous creative works and posed many ethical, legal, and social challenges. Because sex is so central to our personal lives and society, various thinkers have pondered its philosophical dimensions. This reference book, the first of its kind, offers comprehensive coverage of sexual philosophy. Unlike other works, which explore the biology of sex, this encyclopedia locates sexuality in its broader intellectual and social contexts. Alan Soble, one of the world's foremost authorities on the philosophy of sex, has consulted an advisory board of distinguished specialists, including: David Archard Martha Cornog John Corvino Ann Garry Christine E. Gudorf Sarah Hoffman Richard T. Hull Edward Johnson John Kleinig Timothy F. Murphy James Lindemann Nelson J. Martin Stafford Robert M. Stewart Edward Collins Vacek, S.J. And Alan Wertheimer. Through more than 150 alphabetically arranged entries, the encyclopedia chronicles how people have thought about sexuality across time and cultures. The entries, written by more than 100 expert contributors who cite current scholarship, provide insightful discussions of thinkers, topics, movements, religions, and concepts, including: Abortion Aristotle Augustine Buddhism Casual Sex Chinese Philosophy Contraception Cybersex Evolution Existentialism Fantasy Flirting Michel Foucault Harassment Thomas Hobbes Homosexuality and Science Incest Indian Erotology Islam Immanuel Kant Jacques Lacan Love Marriage Friedrich Nietzsche Pornography Queer Theory Rape Seduction Sex Work Thomas Aquinas Utopianism Ludwig Wittgenstein And many more. Features: Includes more than 150 alphabetically arranged entries. Draws upon the work of more than 100 expert contributors from a range of disciplines. Provides biographical and topical entries. Covers traditions from different times and cultures. Entries are fully cross-referenced and close with extensive bibliographies. Offers an alphabetical list of entries. Lists entries grouped in topical categories. Provides a selected, general bibliography of major works. Includes a detailed index. Benefits: Helps students explore the ethical and moral dimensions of sexuality. Fosters respect for cultural diversity. Gives students an historical context for contemporary issues and concerns. Serves as a model for interdisciplinary research. Shows the relevance of philosophy to popular culture. Directs students to additional sources of information. High school students and teachers will value this work as a guide to numerous contemporary social issues and as a measure of the importance of philosophy across the curriculum. Public libraries, too, will need this encyclopedia to help readers learn more about the ethical background and context of sexual issues today.

Sex, Sun And A Barbetelli

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Salvatore Barbatelli and Dr. Nya Black are a very new and unusual couple. Nya has some demons that have made her mistrust and dislike white people and Sal is a reformed ladies' man. Nya has never found a man that understands her the way Sal does, or that puts up with her anger and walls of self-protection. When she meets Sal a man that has never seen a need for marriage or a woman over a size two she is floored by the intense passion she feels for him. Sal is a rich playboy who believes every woman has a price and there is nothing any woman can do for him that he can't do for himself. Especially a curvy woman. Until he meet Nya and she is all he can think about, including the day they get married. Against all odds they have fallen in love. Neither of them is ready to admit how deep. Then Sal whisks Nya away on Greek island vacation. Can the magic of Greece get Nya and Sal to drop the pretense and fall madly in love?

Same Sex Marriage

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Marriage is a bit like the sun in that no one owns it. If it had a patent it would be God's patent, one without an expiry date and not available for just anyone to tamper with. I argue that marriage is governed principally by a higher law, a divine one that gives it a transcendent and sacramental quality. It stands solidly on a sexual difference that mirrors God's image for its uniqueness and power. No philosophy or politics of "embracing difference" has greater meaning than the conjugal union of man and woman, the opposite sexes, enacting the teleological coupling of God with the cosmos, of God with Israel, and of God with his church, the bride of Christ. Marriage is the icon of God and his people. Roseanne Kydd is an organist and choir director and an independent scholar with a passion for theology and the church. She has a PhD in musicology from York University that focused on feminism and the language of music criticism. Roseanne serves on several boards and committees within the Anglican Church of Canada. The Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner, Professor of Historical Theology, Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto: "Is the same sex marriage debate over?It shouldn't be. In vigorous but utterly serious prose, Kydd tracks the path along which the opponents of normative heterosexual marriage have moved over the past sixty years. She dissects the politics, rhetoric, and the depressing practical outcomes of their strategic successes. Finally, she carefully and fairly shows how the Church that follows this direction risks tumbling into the costly morass of dreadful social chaos these 'successes' have generated. This is a book that forcefully proclaims, 'Don't be fooled!' Learned, pointed, and frighteningly right: every Christian should read this and find their witness on this matter informed, focused, and strengthened.""

The Passion Of A Marquess

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They say you learn from mistakes ... but what if they're not your own?

After four Seasons and no prospects, Lady Samantha is resigned to life as a spinster. Her aunt, Caroline Fitzsimmons, Viscountess Chamberlain, insists they set sail to Italy for a tour she hopes might allow her charge to meet and marry a European aristocrat.

His mines having suffered a multitude of disasters, Ethan Range, Marquess of Plymouth, is determined to secure a recent invention from an Italian count to alleviate the danger of fires. He's none to happy to discover Lady Chamberlain traveling on the same ship as he is to Rome. He knows her secret and is rather incensed she's been able to hide Samantha's true past from the ton.

While taking a late-night stroll on deck, Samantha is confronted by the scowling marquess. Incensed by his assertion that Caroline is really her mother, Samantha barely has time to slap the man before a sudden storm sends a wave of water onto the ship, washing them both overboard.

Forced to save each other, the two end up as castaways on a deserted island in the Mediterranean. Although they face perils a plenty during the week they're stranded, they have far more to fear from one another than from hunger, weather, and pirates. Can the two overcome their circumstances and realize the mistakes of the past are not their own? Or will their week on the island lead to more turbulence? The heart may be the best life preserver in The Passion of a Marquess.

Deconstructing Heterosexism In The Counseling Professions

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Deconstructing Heterosexism in the Counseling Professions uses the personal narratives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and heterosexual counseling psychologists and counselor educators to deconstruct the heterosexist discourse in the counseling professions, envision a discourse of sexual orientation equity, and make practical suggestions for addressing sexual orientation in professional life. The narrative approach encompasses a diversity of stories and experiences including an emphasis on racial and cultural contexts. These narratives and their analyses serve as a means for the individual and collective self examination that is needed to move LGB affirmative practice, training, and scholarship from the margins to the center of what it means to be a counseling professional.


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