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The Floating Brothel : The Extraordinary True Story of Female Convicts Bound for Botany Bay - Sian Rees

The Extraordinary True Story of Female Convicts Bound for Botany Bay


In July 1789, 237 women convicts left England for Botany Bay in Australia on board a ship called The Lady Julian, destined to provide sexual services and a breeding bank for the men already there.This is the enthralling story of the women and their voyage. Based on painstaking research into contemporary sources such as letters,...Read More
Brothel : Mustang Ranch and Its Women - Alexa Albert

Mustang Ranch and Its Women


When Harvard medical student Alexa Albert conducted a public-health study as the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada, the only state in the union where prostitution is legal, neither she nor the brothel could have predicted the end result. Having worked with homeless prostitutes in Times Square, Albert was intimate with human devas...Read More
The Brothel Boy and Other Parables of the Law - Norval Morris



The mystery does not always end when the crime has been solved. Indeed, the most insolvable problems of crime and punishment are not so much who committed the crime, but how to see that justice is done. Now, in this illuminating volume, one of America's great legal thinkers, Norval Morris, addresses some of the most perplexing ...Read More
Letters to Penthouse : Dirty Dares and Red-hot Hookups - Editors of Penthouse

Dirty Dares and Red-hot Hookups


With more than two million copies in print, the Letters to Penthouse series is a bestselling staple of the Grand Central backlist. Here's the latest sizzling volume of letters from the popular Forum section in Penthouse magazine. Imagine a world with no limits, one in which your wildest fantasies can, ...Read More
She's Mine, She's Yours, She's Wild! : Letters to Penthouse - Editors of Penthouse

Letters to Penthouse


This bestselling backlist series keeps getting sexier with each new edition. This book is uniquely hot as it explores women taking on new adventures with men other than their husbands....and sometimes right in front of them! In their letters to Penthouse magazine America's hottest forum for contemporary sexual issues, peop...Read More
Letters to Penthouse : She's Wild! She's Horny! She's Married? 50 - Editors of Penthouse

She's Wild! She's Horny! She's Married? 50


Celebrating 50 years of Penthouse Magazine, this edition of Letters to Penthouse focuses on a very popular magazine topic...wild wives! WHEN BRIDES GO WILD Penthouse readers know that when it comes to forbidden sex, married women can be very hot, experienced, and insatiable. Now in this milestone collection of erotic...Read More a powerful online search to help you locate a Scarlet Lady located near you. Use the powerful search function of Scarlet Lady and you will locate your next date with ease.

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